Back from vacay, time to try and catch up

I’m baaack! Actually I was back on Monday, but have been absolutely overwhelmed with things to do this week. Work gets pretty cray with all the events and means a lot of working overtime, which is fun, but means home time things, such as cleaning and cuddling Pomeranians gets put to the back of the list. Mid-september should be when things sort of start to slow down and I should be able to get back to making candles and painting and drawing and things of that sort.

Let me tell you quickly about my vacation, because who likes to hear someone talk about their vacation? No one. Unless something embarrassing happened. Well nothing embarrassing happened to me, I’m sorry. I did go on several lengthy bike rides on abandoned highways, went on a boat ride, ate a beaver tail (one made of dough covered in skor pieces), played pool (terribly), played mini golf (also terribly), bought some bad ass antique bottles (ft. Golden Thistle Whiskey,Kendall’s Spavin for Human Flesh, and last but not least Sulphuric Acid), saw the movies Brave (nothing else was playing), watched some old horror movies, played card games and drank wine. I can literally not think of a week better than one spent doing these things.

Next blog posts I’m going to go through all the movies I watched on vacay and tell you about them. Why and maybe why not to watch them.

To end, here’s a picture of Gomez in my suitcase. He was pretty mad I left him for a week and now seems to need to be a foot away from me at all times. If I’m not paying full attention to him I am bitten until I do. Ahh it’s nice to be back 🙂

Gomez the pomeranian in his space car aka my suitcase
His home planet needs him.

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