Hair Rub for Dip Dyed Hair

There’s a new product out and it’s called hair rub. Heard of it? I hadn’t before now, it looks super cool and the one I’ve been looking at is from a company called Hair Flairs. I’ve seen that some peple have been rubbing chalk pastels in their hair, but it doesn’t seem to get too bright. I also saw something called color bug, but read that it didn’t last and stain everything, so that’s not so great.

What I like about this idea is that it washes out after a couple of days. This would be unlike the coloured cream dyes you can use that *say* they wash out after a week or so but your hair is permanently stained due to the fact that you are putting colour onto bleached hair and it’s in there looking washed out probably permanently. I was going to order some of this from Hair Flairs, but the product was $13 and the shipping was $15, so I said no dice. I’ll just have to wait until a color rub is locally available.

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