Lipgloss by the dozen

I think there’s a little part in everyone that doesn’t grow up. It’s the playful part that doesn’t always use reason but decides to do things for the sake of fun. The part in you that spends an entire week planning the perfect prank, or gets excited when you see an icecream truck. If you’re a girl, there’s a good chance you played with dolls and had fake make-up and did that sort of thing. If you didn’t then maybe this post isn’t going to appeal to you. If you did you’re probably about to spend $20 on a bunch of lipgloss. My friend mentioned these to me, they’re from Forever 21 and they come in pretty much every silly scent you can think of that’s very reminiscent to products marketed to a little girl. I picked out my favourites here:


Peanut butter cup? It’s crazy and totally appealing. At about $2 a piece you can fill your purse with a multitude of random smelling lipgloss! Every little girls dream.

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