Movie Review

Battle Royale – Watch It!

So here is a movie that I kept thinking was a Jame Bond movie (Casino Royale, they are 2 different movies). I first became aware of this movie while wandering through HMV seeing the cover of the DVD and thinking it looked neat:

battle royale movie re-release dvd cover

I guess the story goes that this movie was made in 2000, but this year was re-released due to the fact that it is basically a Japanese Hunger Games. It is a really good movie. Totally interesting from the first couple of minutes. It’s a little gory, so if you’re not into violence and stuff like that then it’s maybe not for you. I found it to be less intense then Hunger Games. I was on the edge of my seat the entire movie, but for Battle Royale, it was slightly less scary for some reason. There were actually some semi-funny parts. I’m not going to explain the premise of the movie, but it’s literally the same as Hunger Games, the only difference is that it’s a class of kids instead of a district. The kids are being punished because they started being the jerks of society and grown ups have had enough.

I definitely recommend this movie if you can get your hands on it!

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