I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead – Skip it

This weekend we watched a Clive Owen movie called “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”. We hadn’t heard anything about it, but it did have Clive Own in it which usually means it’s going to be good. It’s from 2003 and is available to watch on NetFlix.

I imagine most people probably have a subscription to NetFlix? We unfortunately have a subscription to the Canadian NetFlix which means an extremely limited number of titles to pick from. We’ve watch some good movies, but there is seriously a lot of crap that I’m pretty sure only the parents of the people who made the movies have watched. It’s a sincere hope that someday the Candian Netflix rivals the American version in selection. Sigh.

Anyways, so we see I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, it’s about a retired mobster whose brother is found dead in a bathtub and then he gets revenge. Sounds like a recipe for awesome. But it’s actually really really slow moving. There was a scene where I swear Clive Owen was reading paperwork for like a minute and it was just a shot of the other guy watching Clive Owen read. I was like C’mon!!!! Also really confusing is that Clive Owen is like 30 something in the movie and his ex-girlfriend is literally 60. I thought for half the movie she was his mom, it was very confusing. I’m sure England had a 30 something year old woman who could have said like 10 lines the actress had and it would have been a lot less confusing. So Basically 90% of the movie is Clive Owen basically doing nothing with this other guy who is always yelling and 5% is a really weird rape scene and the other 5% is revenge. Not a good combo, I do not recommend. If you want though, here is the IMDB page with the trailer.

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