A Few Things You Should Know

I have a list of random thoughts that I wanted to share. Here it goes:

1. TITANIC: Went and saw Titanic last night (it was the 100th anniversary of the night it sank, weird, right?) it wasn’t on purpose that we went that night, but is was spooky. Here’s the thing about Titanic the movie. Why did teenagers see it a bunch of times when it first came out? I get Leo was dreamy but EVERYONE DIES. It wasn’t 75% fun movie then everyone dies, it was 50% fun movie and 50% making you never want to go on a friggin boat again. It was horrible. Like, there were people in the audience sobbing. Literally crying uncontrollably. How is that something you WANT to do a bunch of times. It was so confusing. I saw Titanic only once before when I was in highschool and I was forced to watch it, so trying to remember what it was like was a struggle. I do not plan on seeing it again for another 10 years.

Anyways, I need to share that before the movie I had an “iceberg long island ice tea” at movies because it was funny. Even funnier there was a lemon in it and I said it was the titanic:

Someone explain Billy Zane’s eyebrows in the movie. WTF. They were so distracting I spent most of the movie wondering why someone would pluck them this way:

One last thing about Titanic. I’m almost sure a pomeranian caused the ship to hit an iceberg. There’s a pomeranian in the movie, and it’s said out of the few dogs that survived the Titanic one of them was a Pom. I can picture the pomeranian biting and barking at the sea captain so incessantly that the captain doesn’t see the iceberg. Basically poms are the devil. If you aren’t sure here’s a file photo of a pom:

ohhh, hai captain!

2. Lily: I want to formally welcome Lily into our family. She is my sister’s new cat. Isn’t she beautiful? I can’t wait to hang out with her.

3. Socials: Bring out the worst in me. Anyone else?

I had a bunch of other things to write about, but I’m really hungry and all I can think about is eating some pizza. So, until next time, keep fit homies!

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