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The talented Ms. Mcpherson: Charleswood Posters

I am happy to say that I have a Motley Crue of friends. They’re all weirdos, but in very special ways. Some are obsessed with outer space, others love Nick Cage & Mortal Kombat, one talks to crows, others with owning the largest dogs available, and some are obsessed with Leonardo Dicaprio (oh wait, that’s me). Anyways one thing that I think they all have in common are that they’re talented. Maybe I’m biased, but I’m lucky to be surrounded by people who are creative and interesting as well as passionate. One of these people is my friend Kristin Mcpherson. We met on a trip to Chicago through college where we studied (or didn’t study har har) Graphic Design. I was enchanted by her sarcasm, she couldn’t find the group of friends she had come into the mall with originally. It was fate. Anyways without sounding like too much of a creep we’ve been friends ever since. A couple of weeks ago Mcpherson (we go by each others last names since Kristen & Kristin gets a little confusing when hanging out with people) posted some sweet looking posters for her friends social that will be this Friday! Rather than try to explain them myself I’ll just post what she sent me: “The idea for these posters came about when I was trying to think up with something creative I could give Rayna and Jay for a social prize. I love screen printing but haven’t had much of an opportunity to do any over the last few years since I’ve been designing and doing freelance; it’s hard finding time to be independently creative. And I’m usually not that motivated, ha. All I need to get a project done is an idea and a deadline. Luckily I had both. I figured I’d do something type-based, that would appeal to the crowd of social go-ers buying prize tickets. The social is in Charleswood – where Jay grew up and where Rayna now lives. Over the years I’ve been exposed more and more to this strange land, full of urban-suburbanites; like a lot of Winnipeg neighborhoods it definitely has its quirks. Inspired by vintage-style travel posters touting the wonderful and interesting things about foreign designations that you can only dream about, I attempted to apply the same ubiquity to Charleswood the only way I know how… with McPherson-style, sarcasm-laced humor. The first poster was inspired by a running joke I had with a C-wood acquaintance, about how Charleswood was the land of ‘urban ditches’. Like ditches are some sort of anomaly in the ‘city’ and should be left to rural areas (like St. Andrews, where I grew up). From there the idea grew into a series of three posters, each with the same vintage-style fonts and simple graphics, a throw-back to the time when Charleswood was no doubt a hug of urban development. The other posters speak for themselves; ‘Keep driving your almost here!’ an obvious nod to the length of time it takes to travel alllll the wayyyy out therrrrre. The ‘Grazing Deer and Legion Beer’ poster grew out of the years of Rayna’s stories about the Charleswood Legion (they have meat draws on Saturdays!); and yes, I’ve experienced deer on my trips to and from Rayna and Jay’s place on more than one occasion.

Kristin Mcpherson Charleswood Inspired Posters
Kristin Mcpherson Charleswood Inspired Posters

The framed prints are available for the winning at Rayna and Jay’s social this Friday, April 13th at Varsity View. I’ve run some extra sets I’ll be putting up on Etsy in the next little while; but for now if anyone’s interested in the prints (or social tickets!) they can email me at” Also check out the design for the social, probably the nicest I’ve seen

(image removed due to design being reproduced without consent, remember to hire a designer, and don’t copy other people’s work!)

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