A few of my favourite things

A few of my favourite things – April edition

Now that I have an iPhone and an iPad I spend a lot less time cruising the internet looking at pretty things. It seems like I get what I need to do done, and move on. Which is maybe a good thing, but I do miss pretty things. Anyways I’ve dedicated some time to make a new favourite things list:

These earring are so unique and flowy. They’d look nice on a brunette with her hair up I think. From Orly Genger available @ Shop Bop

I saw this quote for the first time today and it resonates with me, as I’m sure it does with a lot of people. I’m also a fan of the kind of antiquey looking photo. From Shop Girl Steph on etsy.

I think Society 6 is one of the greatest websites on the internet. You can go onto the site and spend HOURS looking through the art and find endless amazing things. I need to win the lottery and buy everything because it’s way too hard to choose. This is one of the million prints I adore called Some Hot Tea For My Hottie by Laura Graves.

I have a natural attraction to neon yellow for some reason. I also love a wedge (somewhat easier to handle then a heel I think) from Aldo.

Lastly this set of nailpolishes from Sephora is any fan of nailpolish and Pantones dream come true. Designers have (or at least the ones I know) a deep love and appreciation for Pantone colours. It’s like a little piece of our world is getting into the spotlight finally. I noticed in Chapters there was Pantone mugs and notebooks and there have been articles in a few of my favourite magazines about this year’s colour. Anytime I see something Pantone related I get a little ecstatic inside. I love you Pantones, for making colour matching possible, but I now love you for making my nails several shades of orange.

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