Stripper to go!

Try typing THAT into google and see what websites come up! Hah! No my blog has not been hacked, you haven’t won a million pounds because your long-lost uncle has passed on and his lawyers need a relative in North America to sign for it. Nor am I going to try to sell you cheap prescription drugs.

I was lucky enough to be sent some Stripper to go nailpolish removers mitts to try out since I’ve such a nailpolish enthusiast. They’re made by Deborah Lippmann and are available at a site called Nail Polish Canada.

You get one little cottony mitt soaked in nailpolish remover that removes your nailpolish from 10 nails. It’s pretty adorable, and it worked really quick. The mitt is a little weird feeling because it’s cold due to the fact it’s soaked in nailpolish remover, but it’s super manuverable so you can get all the edges of your nails without those lines of colour left over in the corners. I can imagine these would be incredibly useful to take on a trip where you required your nails to not look like crap, such as a wedding abroad. You could pack it with you and if something stupid happens to your polish before your big event you can remove it and fix it so you don’t look like some shmuck with chippy nailpolish. Another good thing you could do is carry one around in your purse for nail emergencies. They do smell like nailpolish remover, so you wouldn’t want to use it while eating a meal out, but if you were to sneak into the bathroom if your nails looked like crap because you wanted to impress someone. Chippy nailpolish is a fact of life for those of us who wear nailpolish, but it looks sloppy, amirite?

If you love nailpolish check out their website. They have brands I’ve never even heard of, and I really like nailpolish, so it’s pretty incredible. Here are some of my favourites. Have I mentioned Deborah Lippmann has the craziest sparkly nailpolish going?

Candy Shop by Deborah Lippmann. Where do I even start with this colour? It’s got EVERYTHING.

Navigate Her by Essie. It reminds me of the colour of lime gelato in summertime. Spring is coming, I’m almost sure of it.

Trout Pout by Butter London. I could never pull this colour off in a shirt, but I could definitely pull it off in a nailpolish. Also very springy and warm and dessert-like.

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