2012 Oscar Predictions

Hello! Excited for the Oscars? I am, even though I haven’t really seen a lot of the movies that are nominated. Usually when I watch them and I’m cheering for a certain film it doesn’t win and it’s pretty disappointing. The same thing happens when I cheer for a team at a sporting event. I’m pretty much the kiss of death. Anyways I’m not super emotionally invested in these nominations, so maybe I won’t curse anyone.

Marky Mark might have already spoiled the results, which by the way is super brazen considering it was so close to the event that he may be proven wrong while his statement is still fresh in people’s mind. Marky Mark is the honey badger.

Anyways, so here are my predicitions:

Best Picture: The Artist
Best Actor: George Clooney
Best Actress: Meryl Streep
Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer
Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer
Best Director: Michel Hazanavicius

The rest are a little over my head as far as how to guess those. I’m guessing the above catagories based on buzz and what I think the academy will do. Having said that I am usually very wrong, but like I said, my heart isn’t in it, so maybe I’ll be right. Who knows!

Hope everyone has fun watching the Oscars, I’ll be posting soon about the outfits! Wooo!!!

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