A few of my favourite things

New! A few of my favourite things

Greetings! So I was thinking about some things I wanted to post and realized that they were extremely random and rather uncatagorizable. The only things that links them is that they make me happy. So here is a new section of my blog called a few of my favourite things.

To start off I’ve watched this video a few times and it makes me laugh  every time. What makes it extra funny is on SNL Nic Cage was on a segment (that I can’t link to because you need a new version of flash and my computer is too old to be updated) anyways in this skit it’s joked that in his movies he’s either whispering or screaming. I’ll let you be the judge:

Another thing that is making me happy is Lana Del Ray thanks to Jason & Ann. I just bought her CD (yes I still buy CDs) it’s so good. Does her voice not remind you of Stevie Nicks? In a good way. I heard that she’s not so hot live, but the album is really beautiful. Take a listen:

Third thing making me happy is that you can buy Olive Garden’s salad dressing. What! Why isn’t that advertised anywhere you may be asking yourself. That I can’t answer. What I can say is if you go to Olive Garden and ask to buy a bottle they will sell you one for $6. Joy for $6 is hard to beat.

This is probably the most unique colour of nailpolish I’ve seen. It’s called Glitter in the Air by Deborah Lippmann and is available here. It reminds me of cotton candy.

This cute picture of Leo makes me happy:

I’m going to wait til I have more mad money since my phone broke and I need to get a new one, but soon I would like to be the proud owner of Michael Kors Very Hollywood perfume. It’s super girly and sweet smelling and I love the font & colours on the packaging.

Speaking of pink & girly I love this Kate Spade ad that I’ve seen in a couple of magazine. I want to live in that room and die my hair pink.

That’s all I can think of for now. Have a good long weekend!!


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