Free DIY valentine’s print template

Happy Saturday! I had a few minutes this afternoon and thought it would be cool to put together some free DIY valentines for people to print out. They’re pretty simple, don’t use a lot of ink, and are pretty platonic so they would be nice to take to work. What you will require: suckers, a printer that prints colour, 8.5″x11″ cardstock (I used a cream coloured stock), a metal ruler, cutting mat, and a box cutter or xacto knife.

Step 1: Print out templates, there’s a front and a back

Step 2: Use ruler and box cutter to cut out valentines by lining up your metal ruler with the crop marks on the print out

Step 3: Cut on slit lines indicated on the print out

Step 4: Put sucker stick through slits. I liked the sucker in the back so you could still see the design on the front

Step 4: Bask in the awesomeness of how easy that was

Here are the free templates:




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