Long time no post

Hello! Long time no post. Man oh man have I been busy. Ahhhh. So a few things have been happening. I got a new job as the marketing and design coordinator for Downtown Winnipeg BIZ which is really cool. I’m on my second week and it seems to be going well so far. I’ve gone to a couple of meetings for the Andy Warhol event that I’m a part of on March 9., have a lot of work to do on that still. I went to Brandon on the weekend and got all sorts of blonde added to my hair, which usually after getting blonde put into my hair I remember why I don’t like blonde hair on me but this time I like it because it’s got the dark roots so it kind of goes well with my skin? I think so anyways, it looks kind of like this:

Only my hair isn’t as long and perfectly curled and so on and so forth. Still very exciting. My friend Kim at Pantages in Brandon did a superb job. Another thing hair related is this awesomeness that I also got at Pantages is Eufora touch up product. It’s basically like a dry shampoo, but it’s coloured and adds a lot of texture so it’s awesome. MUCH better then a lot of the dry shampoo sprays I’ve tried, they kind of suck normally.

In other news the oscars were announced which is exciting, Billy Crystal is hosting who I find sort of funny. I don’t think I’ve actually  seen him in many movies, but I saw him host the oscars a different time and I remember laughing out loud and that’s all you can ask for really. I was bummed to hear Leonardo DiCaprio was NOT nominated for an oscar this year, so if he needs to shed a tear he knows where I’m at. I am also hoping to actually see some of the movies that were nominated for best picture. There’s nothing worse than not seeing many of the movies and watching the oscars and being like, oh that one won, I saw an ad for it. So that’s on the ol’ to-do list, it seems as though I go to less and less movies now that my buddy Krista is overseas. Anyhoo, I thought I would put together my ideal oscar outfit if I were going for fun, so here it is:

Vera Wang dress, Louboutin shoes and earring from Jewelryant

That was a lot harder then I thought, the earrings aren’t exactly the right colour I don’t think, buuuutttt I think it would still look good. Part of me feels bad for celebrities having to choose an outfit…if they didn’t have a stylist…and less then 30 minutes to do it. Haha I’m sure I’ll be ragging on someone after watching the oscars for wearing something unacceptable. You have that to look forward to.

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