Valentine’s day – coming soon!

Hello everyone! It’s been a busy week, with lots of things going on keeping me busy. I am currently subject to a cold which I’ve had since last week. It’s a pretty tough one that doesn’t seem to be letting up, I hope it hits the road soon because I’ve got a lot to do. With that out of the way I thought I’d make up a list of ideas for your sweetie on valentines day. I also think that if you’re single you should buy yourself something nice because it’s only fair.

First off are a couple of beauties from Anthropologie.

Baripada necklace - $68

Very valentiney in reds and pinks, definitely a statement piece.

Corded neon bracelet - $198

This is definitely on the pricey end, but it’s bound to be loved with it’s heavy duty gold hardware and bright springy neon + neutrel cords.

Essie Nailpolish in A Cut Above - about $10

You might want to take a cue from your loved one’s interest to make sure that super sprakly pink nailpolish would be a good choice, but if it is this one is intended to be layered over regular nailpolish colours to add a layer of glitz. I’ve already purchased a bottle.

18k vermeil block letter initial necklace - ampersand - $130

An ampersand is a super fitting and easily wearable choice. Such a pretty font and a really good price for 18K Gold. From Christina Kober.

Pirate Love poster - $19

Sweet without being mushy. Poster from Jan Skacelik.

Love Struck perfume from Vera Wang - $78

Love the arrow on the bottle as well as the over-the-top cap covered in plastic flowers and tulle. Available at Sephora.

Coatt Morris Code Necklace - $36

I saw this necklace in Real Simple magazine, what a great idea! It spells out either a pre-made sentiment or you can choose your own. This one says Amore.

Betsey Johnson shoes - $100

How could I possibly have a list of gift ideas without a pair of shoes? Impossible. These ones are from Betsey Johnson and are available from Town Shoes. Love the fact that they’re red, have beautiful black elements to them and adore the bow on the back. They’d be a great addition to a night on the town for valentine’s day.

Peanut Necklace - $90

This is just so cute and unique, maybe you’re not seeing the valentines relation, how about a card to go with it that says I’m nutty over you. Cute, right? Available at Silver Lotus.


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