Happy New Year!!

Wow it’s 2012! That’s terrifying, am I right? I feel like I’m going to get lasered by a robot riding a go-cart powered by moon rays. 2012. The fear year. You can quote me. Maybe I’ll make a desktop when I get time. Anyhoo so with a new year comes resolutions, but if you’re like me resolutions give you a feeling of failure even before you begin. You don’t get to be my age by thinking that wanting something is going to make it so. I know that there are going to be all kinds of reasons not to do what I say I want now such as not having enough time, money, gomez needing attention, shoes needing my attention and so on. But if I were to have hopes for 2012 they would be:

– Make more stuff – such as more candles, and getting on emailing local business to sell them, registering my company name, going to free business classes and setting up an etsy shop. I’d also like to get into the habit of painting more which I haven’t done a lot of later. I’d also like to take knitting classes, calligraphy classes and jewelry making classes. Good luck to me!

– Lose weight – this would be awfully nice, and I’m going to try. Me and the other 95% of the North American public.

– Be more organized – this was on last year’s list as well. Right now the sunroom which contains all my art/craft stuff looks TERRIBLE. I am looking forward to getting it under control with the purchase of storage units such as bookshelves. I would also LOVE to get the basement spare bedroom un-filled with trash and made into a room people can actually stay in. It might happen?

– Stop spending money on crap – by this I mean I would like to purchase nicer items less frequently. So stop buying crap that falls apart and looks trashy quickly and buy something nice I can use for a long while. This one is going to be hard because I usually go for a lot of crappy little things over one big nice things. We’ll see.

On that note I am going to say goodnight. Gomez needs attention, I need to have a shower, and bedazzled blitz is not going to play itself. On that note check out this sweet shizzle I found at Shopbop.

Jazzalyn Wavy Pumps

There’s something about a wavy back on a shoe that I just love!

Field Guided Calendar

I NEED this and I don’t even love cats like some people do.

Saber Skull Ring

This ring is equal parts creepy and amazing.


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