Happy Holidays!

Hello, I hope you had a wonderful holiday with family and friends and you were able to partake in all the things you love to do during the holidays. I meant to write some blogs before the holidays, had ideas an everything, but got too busy. On the bright side once January hits I’m hoping tht some of my time will be freed up to catch up on blogging and makin’ stuff and paying bills and giving money to people I owe it to who probably want to break my knee caps.

Just wanted to say I will be leaving town and my computer for about a week so there will be no new blog posts in this time. I might have the actual time to do the blog posts, but on my parents PC it is not gonna happen. Checking email is even troublesome on it. I am going to take the time to relax and sit around and eat endlessly. I hope you’re able to do the same. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

When I searched pomeranian in a santa suit I got this and thought it was pretty fun.

Zorro, image courtesy of google image search

Ps- when I get back there will be pictures of Gomez in his new Christmas sweater!! Start holding your breath!

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