the Wish List

Winter Wish List – Crazy Stuff

Practical stuff is so BORING! Even if I could afford the things on the practical list posted last week I probably wouldn’t buy any of them because then I’d have the money to buy some of this foolish stuff:

Fruits & Passions De-Icing Scented Salt

It may not be incredibly expensive, but it seems so silly. Silly and awesome sometimes co-exist. I think I have to get this. Imagine walking up to the front door smelling Fir. Love it.

Kate Spade Cha Cha Clutch

I saw this clutch in Lucky Magazine this month and I died a little knowing I will never own it. So brilliant, so cute, so whimsical, also relating to my love of chocolate. Everybody wins!

I saw these mugs from Korin in this months Real Simple. They’re already on back order until February! I guess everyone loves these as much as me.

Soda Stream

I have been wanting one of these since I found out about their existence. Making soda at home?! Yes Please! Like most adults with bills to pay unfortunately Soda machines just don’t make the cut. Someday, Soda Stream, someday.

Swarovski Hyacinth Ring

No fun-time-money list could be complete with out a huge-ass ring! Added bonus, this ring shares a name with one of my all time favourite tv characters. It’s pronounced Bouquet!

Thymes Fraiser Fir Reed Diffuser

Hands down my favourite holiday scent put out by any company of all time. It’s as lovely as it is expensive.

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