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Winter wish list – Practical

Over the many brutal winters I’ve learned an important lesson, one my mom has been saying to me my whole life and up until a few years ago, I ignored. Winter sucks, and sometimes fashion has to suffer. I really hate wearing ugly winter boots every single day, I hate having to wear a toque because your hair gets flattened out and frizzy, winter coats make you look fat and are almost never cute, you’re bundled up and you look like crap. And don’t even get me started on makeup melting off due to ice crystals forming on your eyelashes. Sigh. Winter is really the least fashionable season there is. Of course this is excluding if you’re going somewhere nice and you sarcifice warmth to wear a nice coat and a nice dress and some cute shoes, but it doesn’t happen everyday. If you look fancy everyday of winter you’re probably going to die of frost bite. I digress, Here are some of the things that are practical but unfortunately also pricey that would be on my wish list for winter:

North Face Parka

It’s not the cutest coat in the world, but I don’t think your arms would  freeze off when it’s minus 40, either.

Scandinavian style mittens

Cute mittens for mildy chilly days. From Lyra Lyra.

I still think that Ugg stands for Ugly, but they seems to have grip and whatever will keep my toes from breaking off would be a nice change.

J Crew ear muffs that are cute & warm. Would be good for days when your hair requires a ponytail.

LL Bean slippers

When my feet get cold they stay cold,  fake fur lined slippers might help this problem.

And possibly the best idea ever, a zippo hand warmer. Think about it. I could use one right now.

Next time I will do a list of items that a cute and not practical, just the way I like it.

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