A finely crafted sale – featuring moi

I found out last week that I’ve been accepted to be in A finely Crafted Sale taking place December 4 from 6pm-10pm at the Park theatre. I’m really excited as it will be my first craft sale! The event is normally under the name “This ain’t your grandmas craft sale” or something along those lines, but the name has changed. It promises to have lots of exciting and talented crafters based in and around Winnipeg. If you haven’t been to a craft sale like this before I suggest you get on it, my good friend was in one a couple of summers ago and there’s lots of cool and or hip crafts happening there. I’ll be selling my Milly Pom candles, some of my wool bead necklaces,  sugar skulls, and whatever else I can put together before then. Like I said I’m very excited and will be sharing some photos of new items as I make them. I won’t be showing all of them because that would ruin the suprise. BE THERE. Good bye for now!

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