Milly Pom candles

New Milly Pom candles

I spent most of the day Sunday making candles, I got to use some of the new scents I ordered. The especially amazing smelling ones are passionfruit and cherry-lime. I will be dropping some of the candles off at Glitz Gallery soon, so check them out there when you get a chance or contact me at to buy.

Green Apple scented - $18

This is a nice short milk-glass looking bowl. Really pretty.

Passionfruit scented - $11
Aloha scented - $8

This cup is especially cute, one side has this deer and fawn, the other side has this:

A squirrel and….another squirrel? I’m starting to think maybe ones supposed to be the “real” animal and maybe ones supposed to be a doll or something? Who knows. I’m guessing it’s from the 50’s where anything goes.

green apple & raspberry scented - $15
Cherry scented - $8
green apple scented - $15

This is maybe one of the coolest mugs I’ve ever come across. Like it’s a weird orange plus pearlescent. Crazy!

Aloha scented - $15
Sudsy scented - $15
sudsy scented - $15
cherry & lime scented - $15
green apple & raspberry scented - $8
mimosa scented - $18
cherry & lime scented - $11
honey scented - $18
sudsy scented - $15
jasmin scented - $15
mimosa scented - $16
watermelon scented - $15
honey scented - $15

This cup is really cool, got it from the flea market in Clear Lake. It’s sort of a dark grey but also shiny, really cool.

passionfruit scented - $25
honey scented - $9
jasmin scented - $18



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