the Wish List

Wish List – August 12

I adore Spring, and I love Summer, but having said that Fall is my favourite fashion season. We got back to deep rich tones, more work appropriate styles and a generally more sophisticated wardrobe. I don’t go all out like I want to when fall comes around, but if I could, here’s some of the things that would be first on the list:

Elizabeth and James "Pearl" glasses

I could be one step closer to my dream of being catwoman with these glasses, which are looking unfortunately difficult to get in Canada.

Cha Cha Tint

I love coral and think it looks good on every skin tone, it’s a little summery, but nice and warm for fall as well.

Kate Spade purse

So sophisticated! Too bad it’s worth 10 times what I usually spend on a purse.

Shoes from Aldo

Two words: Hello Hotness!

Squirrel necklace from Mod Cloth

Fall reminds me of how I should be saving for the future, being responsible now so I can perservere through tough times when they come, like what a squirrel does in the fall to surviee the winter. That or I really think squirrels are a good time.

Scotch nailpolish

Saw this nailpolish brand featured on Eat Drink Chic, how great is this packaging, they also have beautiful nailcolours as well they’re non-toxic and eco-friendly. How great would this red look while wearing leopard print? Awesome.

Dress from Ruche

Beige with black polka dots, very classic.

Earrings from Stella & Dot

Suitable for cocktails in some sort of highrise while talking about the opera, right?

Vintage Hairstyling book from Pin up clothing

Lastly to complete the sassy fall fancy lady look would be hair from the 50’s! I don’t know how people managed to spend that amount of time on their hair in the morning, but I admire it, I wish I knew how to get my hair looking so oldschool, I guess with this book I could!

That’s all for now, Stay classy.

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