Belgium pavilion – Folklorama 2011

I was lucky enough to visit the Belgium pavilion on Saturday. Did you know that Belgians created french fries, are enamoured with beer, created Smurfs, make fancy lace, AND are famous for a couple of amazing things, being chocolate and waffles? I didn’t really. Especially the french fry thing, what an accomplishment!

We had supper at this pavilion and as you can probably imagine as a vegetarian eating out can be a bit tricky, especially when the country of pavilion you’re visiting had sausage and stew as the main dishes. On the bright side I got to have fries with mayo, a tasty salad, a meringue for dessert and a belgium chocolate paralyzer for a beverage! Delightful! I also got to try a fruity beer that I really liked, which is surprising since I’m not into beer. All the while ladies danced traditional dances and a lady sang about beer. It was a lot of fun! Check out some of the festivities:


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