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I dream in polka dots

Ever since I was a kid I’ve had a love of polka dots. I’m not sure what it is about them, they’re fun, usually bright, super simple and always in style. When I was a little girl I remember telling my mom when I grow up I want a pink house with purple polka dots on it. It was a stupid idea, but I still love them. I think the master of polka dots currently is Kate Spade. Recently they released a perfume donning gold polka dots on a simple clear glass bottle for the perfume Twirl.

Also they’ve made coasters too cute to use, especially love the light blue, the yellow and the pink:

Kate Spade isn’t the only one cranking out polka dots though,I saw this wedding program from Martha Stewart and just about died, the colours are brilliant:

Take a look at these notecards from RueRenee on Etsy:

Polka dot dresses are great even if you’re not going to dance the polka, by shrististudio on Etsy:

Invites and favors, also from Martha Stewart:

More polka dot invites from Poppiseed Designs:

Polka dot shoes from Natacha Marro:

Polka dot clutch by Perdita:

polka dot clutch purse

Dress by Thaiclothes:

Headband from Foliage:

Watermelon & Cucumber margarita made by my boyfriend in a glass from pier one (dots are gold!)

So I think I’ve made my point. If not my point is that in the right hands polka dots are awesome! Agreed.

One more thing, might as well tie in a deal of the week, how about a pink polka dot painting for $40? 16″ square acrylic on canvas. The photo is a lil crummy, but if interested send me an email ( and I can take a better pic:

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