Straight hair as easy as 1-2-3 days straight by John Frieda

Wavy haired girls rejoice! Finally a product that can straighten, and keep straight stubborn waves in hair. I have mostly straight, but sorta wavy, sometimes curly hair, which sounds great, but is the worst of both worlds. I have to fight with it to get it nicely wavy and fight with it to get it straight. If I don’t fight with it it looks stupid. I’ve tried lots of straightening products, and they don’t seem to do enough to get the flips out of the bottom of my hair, I can straighten those with the hottest irons at home (although hair stylists always seem to get my hair really straight) until the cows come home and my hair will always flip. Usually one side flips in towards my face and the other side away, so it looks like there’s always a breeze. Anyhoo, so I saw an ad for this product and was like, well it’s worth a shot. I’ve already seen the Fruictus product that’s 7 days straight, but after reading the warning on it you basically can’t use it if you’ve ever damaged your hair, so that kind of scared me away. This John Frieda stuff is the bomb. It even keeps my hair straight when it’s like 1000% humidity outside, which it always is. My point is you should try it because it’s really excellent, here’s a pic:

More like 3 days great. ha ha ha

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