Craftiness, Milly Pom candles

New Milly Pom candles!

I was a busy girl this weekend, check out the newest Milly Pom candles; making life a little less stinky.

Rustic jars, $15 each, scents are black cherry, pineapple, and grape
Rustic jars, $15 each, both are Ambrosia scented, tinted light seafoam
Art Deco looking glass cream and sugar, Coconut scented, $7 each
Bone coloured 70's looking cream and sugar, Ginger White Tea scented, $11 each
Carlings cup, Coconut scented, $8
Crystal looking creamer, Ginger scented (100% essential oil), $11
Crystal sugar dish with lid, Black Cherry scented, $15
Small crystal looking sugar dish, Ylang Ylang scented (100% essential oil), $7
King George glass, Ylang Ylang scented, $18
Orange flower glass, Pineapple scented, $13
Gold flower teacup, Ginger White Tea scented, $7

email me at to purchase. Also some candles available at Glitz Gallery on Academy, and soon Di Erbe in St. Boniface!


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