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Domino Magazine + Wish list

Hello! Happy Sunday! I’ve had a wonderful day so far. I’ve *almost* finished removing my hoarder stash from the sun room so I’ve been chilling in there with the windows open staring at the trees in the neighbours yard, listening to CJNU and reading my lost collection of Domino Magazine.

I like this cover because of the Cairn terrier

I thought that a few years ago when I had done a purge of junk from my apartment building I had to give up my collection of Domino Magazines. I have every Lucky magazine since probably 2001, but thought my beloved Dominos had been donated, or even worse, trashed. WRONG! I found them! And they’re just as amazing as ever.

Another cover featuring a cutsie dog

My heart broke a little when the magazine was scrapped when the recession started, and since then I haven’t been able to find something as awesome to fill the void. Ideal Home has come close, but sadly everything in there is from England making it impossible to get here. Impossible is a strong word, but it’s pretty accurate if you’re poor and in Canada. It’s still fun to look at, though.

Me & my boyfriend love this cover so much we're going to paint a room the colour of the wall featured

There’s another promising magazine called Lonny magazine. It’s mostly just online, which is why I’m not a fan. I would rather have a hard copy to enjoy with a cup of coffee on the couch. The computer is good for some things, but I find it hard to linger on it when I spend most of my work day staring at a screen. Lonny is available in print, but is something crazy like $30 a copy. too rich for my blood. At least for now I can re-read my Domino and remember the good ol’ days. I think I’m going to write the magazine company today and tell them to bring it back, I think you should, too.

On a different note, cleaning out the sun room is getting me all excited to eventually gussy it up. Here are some things that I’m dreaming about to make it as fab as Gomez’s velour poncho:

Moroccan Lantern from Star of Morocco
Completely different but also cool from West Elm
Patterned chair from Ikea
Patterened chair from Ikea #2
By Alisa Bobzien on Etsy
LOVE this print! -By Alisa Bobzien on Etsy
Whales are so fun, aren't they? -By Britthermann on Etsy
Kind of the 60's folksy look that I love -By Monorail on Etsy
This is too rad for words. From Urban Outfitters
A little more serious version that would be a nice addition to my collection of "Ks"
print from Urban Outfitters
Love the colours in this print from Urban Outfitters
Best. Rug. Ever. from Anthropologie

I’m going to get back to relaxing and possible some cleaning so I’ll catch you on the flippity flop!

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