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What a craptacular week! If you didn’t know my baby Gomez got really sick on the weekend, so sick that he had to stay at the vet for a day and a half. I think he’s on the mend now, so everyone can breath a sigh of relief. The downside being that my already tight budget just got tighter, which will put a damper on fun including shopping, redecorating (term used loosely for buying paint and curtains), and my vacation to Clear Lake which isn’t usually expensive, but money doesn’t hurt, right? Oh well. I know a couple of people who have had devastating loses this week and I really cannot complain about anything without thinking of them and how lucky I really am.

So how about this heat? It’s insane. I’m wilting, I can only deal with mild temperatures that are free of humidity. Ya, what of it. I think I need to move into the Thunderdome and hang out with Tina Turner.

Here are the highlights of my week if you’re interested:

-When picking Gomez up from the vet Monday night at 1:30 AM I had to get him from the back kennels because he was too big of a jerk to let the nurses bring him out. He was also referred to as a “Drama Queen” by one of the nurses.

-Saw a naked man getting arrested on Corydon while on the bus

-Ate at Kenko Niwa, had the veggie kamakazi roll, and it was fantastic. Vegetarians really get shafted out of a lot of good things, people think that we don’t like taste. It’s super hard to find somewhere that had more than the basics and this one is pretty good. They could stand to have more, but that Kamakazi roll is great.

-Watched Ghostbusters the movie on tv.

-Watched “The Real Ghostbusters” on Teletoon retro

-Discovered that salad rolls should be eaten as soon as possible. 2 days after making them is too long.

Hmm well I guess that’s all for my boring life. Tomorrow is Canada Day and unlike last year, we will not be going on a fun trip to the states. This year I will be trying to finally finishing unpacking the sun room. I really hope it happens because it would be awesome to have that off my plate. I’m also hopefully going to have time to take a stab at redesigning a logo. And the last thing planned would be to have a BBQ! hooray!

How about as a special Canada Day treat I offer 25% off of all paintings from my facebook page!

Check out my facebook page here for a viewing of all available paintings, and email to purchase all of them!

Goodbye for now šŸ˜€

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