Craftiness, Gomez

Homemade garden markers + Gomez

While my boyfriend was away on a trip I decided to plant him the herb garden he wanted because I’m an excellent girlfriend. Plus herbs are the best, like literally, they can turn a crappy meal into something wonderful just by showing up. Anyways, so I plant this herb garden and I put these ugly plastic markers in the ground that came with the plants to make sure I know what is what, to some people it might be easy, but I can pretty much only pick out what dill is. So I think to myself there has to be something cuter. So I look for something cuter and only find one set of herb markers in a store and they’re ugly. So then I go online to see what I could make that would be way more awesome and stumble across this page. Baking clay in the oven?! I’m there I say to Gomez. Here are some pics of the process and how they turned out. The colour of clay I picked was pretty weird, kind of a light peachy pink, I don’t know why I was drawn to it, but I was. My friend picked out glow in the dark clay, so she’ll always know where her herbs are, even in the middle of the night.

Obviously it was very fun and rewarding. I think I’ll make more crap out of bake-able clay, I was thinking of like an outdoor wind chime minus the chime part.

Also take a look at Gomez riding the couch:

And him with his girlfriend:

Another exciting thing I’m doing is working on a logo for a friend, when it’s done I’ll share it, it’s pretty darn nice I think. Also I’m making candles this weekend, can’t wait!

Toodles for now

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