the Wish List, Things I would buy if I had money

Wish list June 11

Why not start today with some beautiful items to add to your own wish list? If I were to be granted some small wishes (as in I couldn’t wish for world peace or for Gomez to be able to speak English) I would be thinkin’ bout these:

Diana mini camera

I saw this camera recently at McNally Robison in Grant park and fell in love. First thing, crazy cute japanese style cherry blossom pattern on the outside. Also it gives you that kind of blurry dreamy like photo. I’m not much a photographer, but this would be inspiration enough to give it a shot (get it?).

Orla Kiely radio

I’ve wanted this adorable radio since I saw it, I think it’s a bit on the pricey side and possibly only available in england, but SO CUTE. I happen to love the radio as well (CJNU 107.9 just played my request for Patsy Cline and made my day). Gotta love old timey music on a saturday while chillin with your smelly baby (Gomez).

Amy Butler diaper clutch

Ignore the diaper clutch part, it may be made to hold wipes and a diaper, but it could also hold non-baby things. Such as candy, money, keys, date book, that novel Gomez wrote, anything! If you’re a mom I guess it helps to have cute options to carry things you need, right? probably. This one was made by Blush 361 Designs on etsy.

Fabric from Tonic Living

I get to redecorate the sun room in our house and I keep flip flopping about the colour of the walls, it’s really too exciting to pick. I’ve teetering between Arsenic by Farrow & Ball:

and what I’m more naturally drawn to which is sandy pastels, like peaches and pinks and dusty yellows. Ugh! How will I ever  choose, I have no idea. In the mean time I’m also looking at drapes for the many windows, the wacky fabric pictured above would look swell with one of the dusty pastels I’m considering.

Ikat curtains from Anthropologie

Now these curtains from Anthropologie are way out of my budget of 63 cents I have to spend on curtains, but they’re beautiful! They would also look fantastic with the Arsenic colour, wouldn’t they?

Anyways that’s all for today, I’ve been gardening like an old lady lately (that means lots) so I’ll have to post some pics of what I’ve done. I’m sure they’re average and nothing to gloat about, but I’m pretty thrilled with how the yard is coming together so I’m gonna post some stuff anyways.

Have an excellent weekend!

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