Good Golly Miss Molly

I love Saturday. That kind of goes without saying I guess. I’m trying to get a part time job to help pay for living, so maybe someday I won’t be so fond of Saturdays, but for right now, they’re the tops.

I just spent probably the last 3.5 hours digging in the back yard in attempt to transplant some peonies. I’m hoping that all my hard work is going to pay off in the form of the flowers looking like the image below:

image from apartmenttherapy.com

Apparently peonies don’t like being moved, and if you have to move them you should do it in the fall. But they were in what is going to be the vegetable garden soon (hopefully), so I either moved them and they risk dying or leave them and have them get torn up in the process of making a new garden. It was a lot of work, and holy smokes am I tired, but to me flowers are worth a lot of effort. I think that flowers are like the artwork of nature. They’re beautiful, they might not be very useful, but they make the world a better place to live, even if some people don’t care about them. I guess they’re sort of like models in that way as well, but I prefer the artwork analogy because models get enough cred as it is.  I’m really excited about having a yard for the first time in almost 10 years, I don’t have a lot of money to spend on making it perfect, but I’ll do the best I can with what I can and hopefully my care will make it beautiful.

I also bought Gomez some new treats, and a new toy called Kong Genius, because obviously he is super smart (on a side note he ran into my leg and hit his eye yesterday and was Wincy Jones all night, so that should illustrate his level of genius) So far he hasn’t been able to get out any of the treats and has started to wimper at the toy

No dog dummies allowed

Another exciting thing that has happened is my dad emailed me this gif of one of my families most favourite breeds of dogs, the Cairn Terrier. They’re cranky, they’re  lazy, can’t jump well, can’t run distances, and are terrifying when they’re mad, and don’t enjoy strangers. I think we like them because they’re kind of like the Lourie family.

One more thing to show is pictures from Gomez’s Brithday party:

Gomez with one of his birthday cards that was also a rawhide
Gomez waiting for guests to arrive
Gomez relaxing and waiting
He just has to put on his. party dress. (Watch the movie The Room)
Present from Auntie Ann and Godmother Craig
Gomez's second turtle toy, once he gets two more he's going to reveal he's master Splinter
Gomez loves beer!
Gomez trying on his new raincoat from Grandma and Grandpa Wood
"I like dis"
Gomez passed out at the end of the night

Well I’m going to get back to enjoying my Saturday, or Super Freedom Day as I prefer to call it. You enjoy yours

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