Kristen fights city hall

Kristen vs. Metro

So here’s what’s been going on. Last week in the Metro there was a section for “5 deadly decorating trends” (this link is for the Vancouver edition of the metro which had 7 deadly trends, Winnipeg’s only had 5). I’m going to argue with Mr. Karl Lohnes for a few moments because I think he is dead wrong. Get it, deadly trends, dead wrong. You don’t get it…

“Deadly Trend” #1:

Antique brass – This can work in the right circumstances, he says to use it only in traditional pieces so it looks like it belongs. I think that if it’s used in anything that is well designed it will look good forever. Good design never goes out of style. The finish of a piece may be trendy for a while, but if it suits it’s surroundings and is timelessly designed antique brass will work. Maybe slightly toxic to some, but hardly deadly.

“Deadly Trend” #2

Honeysuckle pink:

image care of Pantone

Wrong! Honeysuckle pink as it’s called according to Pantone is awesome. I don’t think I should even have to explain why, look at it. It’s bright, warm, and would go well with a million other colours. This is somewhat similar to a coral pink I had painted my old bedroom in my apartment. Maybe not for everyone, but if you’re not into pink in the first place, duh, don’t use it in anything. Anyone who uses a colour in something because it’s “trendy” and doesn’t actually like it is probably an idiot. If you’re going to be trendy be ready to be disappointed frequently. Also if you’re into being trendy paint your rooms and buy your expensive clothes in neutrals then buy cheap smaller things to use these so called “trendy” colours. Don’t hate on pink, it’s beautiful to those who love it, and just because someone says it’s cool now doesn’t mean it’s not cool later. I hate the word “trendy” which is why I am putting it in quotes. This metro dude says that this colour is only suitable for teenage girls and to him I say again, WRONG!

“Deadly Trend” #3


Elle Decor

To quote Norm McDonald “Wait, what?”. Seriously. Grey. A deadly trend. Really. Really. This is the most insane thing I think I’ve read in a long time and I follow Gomez’s twitter account. If I need to explain that grey is a neutral and can’t be trendy I’m going to jump into traffic. Grey can have a tone, it goes with everything, it’s a saucy backup dancer and rarely the main show. You know what I’m saying here. It’s the background, it can’t go out of style. Right now it’s more popular than beiges, people are into grey, because browns have dominated for  decades. I think it’s grey’s time to shine, and saying it’s a trend is silly. Plus greys have become more popular in the past 5 or more years, does that say “trendy” to you? I think not, I rest my case, I put my feet up on the case, I take a nap, and then I hit my gavel against some sort of table. Case closed, grey being a trendy is silly, it just happens to be popular now. Decorate with it, don’t be stupid.

“Deadly Trend” #4

Large print wallpaper

Whoa, did we just become best friends?
wallpaper....grey...sorta 70's mod looking... oh noes!!

Wrong! Large print wallpaper is awesome. Wallpaper has gotten a bad rap for being hard to put up and crazy hard to remove. Well guess what, now it’s easy to put up and easier to remove (according yo wallpaper manufacturers, I haven’t dealt with wallpaper since removing the pink calla lily wallpaper from my childhood room which was a nightmare). So if what they’re saying is true, awesome. Wallpaper is great, it brings so much interest and texture to a space. Right now they’re coming up with beautiful patterns in every colour. If you’re not on board check out an edition of the UK’s magazine Ideal Home. If it doesn’t change your mind about how great wallpaper is then fine, don’t decorate with it. You know what’s worse than large print wallpaper? That airbrushy, sponge painty, textured looking wallpaper crap you often see in banks and dentists offices. That’s why people hate wallpaper. Anyways I think I’m starting to lose my point. My point is that it’s nice, and if you pick something that isn’t tacky you’re probably going to love it for a long time, and that’s all we can ask from anything, paint, furniture, pillows, pants, sweaters, purses etc etc etc. Pick something well designed and you will stay happy.

“Deadly Trend” #5

1970’s inspired furniture

ohhh the humanity!

If you’re planning on decorating all in avocado greens, mustard yellows, golden oranges and dark browns I agree with this guy. Going overboard with anything is probably unwise if you’re looking for longevity. It’s probably still gonna look cool, because 1970s design was pretty great. Back in a time where you could make an earthy colour and not expect lame people to compare it to baby puke. Colours inspired by nature was kind of a cool concept I think, warm lighting, natural colour schemes, lots of wood and leather, seems like a recipe for being comfortable. I guess if you lived through the remains of the 1970s you would think it’s horrible, but that’s because it wasn’t done right probably. If you were to decorate now with some 1970’s inspiration, but do it tactfully and again buy things that are well designed, I think that it would be timeless. Buy things you like, don’t buy things that are popular now. Trendy is stupid, but the 1970s were a good time for design in a lot of ways, so go out and but a 1970’s (Starsky &) Hutch.

2 thoughts on “Kristen vs. Metro”

  1. You go girl, take those bitches down! Grey? A trend I almost lost my shit in home sense when you told me that! Any paper that features Jenna Khan in it is evil!

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