the Wish List

the Wish List

As you probably know if you read this blog I love to shop. Usually my shopping is of the window variety, but I decided to make my love of things more official by designing a banner for occasions where I want to share some fun things. Hence the

Here are some of the things topping ye olde wish list today

Anchor hook

This anchor hook would bring some much needed sailory-ness to the front entrance. From SundayTreasures.

"Hands" print

Graphic and delicate at the same time, what a beautiful print to put anywhere. “Hands” print by KarolinSchnoor.

Black Cherry Plum candle

I haven’t personally smelt this candle’s scent, but I can image it would be amazingly sweet and summery. Also the packaging is gorgeous.

Sugar Lychee perfume

I have the Sugar Lemon scent which is as wonderful as it sounds, but I’m really into anything Lychee right now which is sweet and very distinct.

Ramses sandals

It’s unusual for me to want something that’s practical, but when I go to the lake in the summer and inevitably walk around until my legs are about to fall off it would be nice to have something that’s built to last and not destroy your feet, while still giving you the freedom of sandals. (Have I mentioned I hate socks?)

Deep pink hoody

I’m also in desperate need of a new hoody. I’ve bought a couple of cheap ones from random stores and I’m always disappointed how quickly they fall apart, the colour fades and how they lose their shape. $50 seems like a lot for a hoody, but the American Apparel ones are worth the investment.

That’s all for now, enjoy the rest of your long weekend!

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