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Dreary saturday needing some shakin’ up

It’s cloudy, kinda cold, and kinda rainy outside. I’ve been feeling a little bummed lately, I can’t exactly pin point what it is, but I think it’s a lot of little things. I haven’t been able to paint lately, I haven’t designed anything I like in a while, I haven’t made candles, I also found out that my Smashing Magazine wasn’t accepted due to the logo not having a large “S” on it? Which I don’t understand because I downloaded their logo from their website, must have missed a step. What a bummer to spend so much time one something and not have it be accepted for something so small. Unless the design wasn’t good enough in which case I could just accept that I’m lousy and stop trying. Sigh. The weather is to blame. If I could go out and smell some flowers and see some sunshine maybe everything would seem a bit happier. At least then all my trying and failing could be ignored for a while. Anyways, enough of being sad, I’ll get over these things eventually. In the mean time to make this crummy day a little more fun I thought I would post some images from one of my favourite illustrators, Matte Stephens. You should visit his etsy store and buy some awesome prints if you like things that are vintagey and wonderful. Enjoy:

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