Things I would buy if I had money

Where did the evening go?! Last thing I remember I was enjoying some risotto that my lovely beau had made for us. With no Gomez around (Wednesdays are spent with his Grandpa & Grandma) the time just disappears, maybe his constant biting makes time slow down a bit? I did get a couple of things done, such as design a poster for the Forum Art Centre that I volunteer-design for, I went for a short walk and caught up with some messages to friends that I kept forgetting to get back to. Now to think of a gift for my mom that isn’t socks, relax, and post some cute things I found at Modcloth

So awesome, where do you wear boots like these though?
Probably too small for me, but mega cute
Pugs are the new black
All of my favourite woodland creatures!

Catch you on the flippity flop!

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