The people have spoken, poo is for them

So last night I watched the election coverage and I was surprised. I was surprised that people jumped from Liberals to Conservatives, at least that’s what the guy on CBC said. It doesn’t make any sense to me, but then again, what the mass majority of people do doesn’t make much sense to me at the best of times. This morning when I was on my way out to work feeling defeated and saddened by the election I went back to thinking about the last 3 American elections, which I watched relatively closely. I remember the first time Bush got in and I thought, what the hell are people thinking?! And then as we all know it went downhill from there. I thought there’s no way that he’ll get a second term, there’s NO WAY. I watched the election feeling certain that I would get to see Bush put in his place, but once again the majority of people who bothered to vote thought he was doing an excellent job? Then I remember thinking, there’s no way that Barak Obama is going to win, American’s aren’t ready for him, then he won. It was once of the biggest reliefs I’ve ever felt, to know that I could understand and trust the people out there voting. It was a wonderful day, and I think it’s going pretty good for him. Sometimes people don’t want what’s best for them because they’re afraid of change, but they’ll get there.

As far as our election goes I’m not a Liberal voter, but I’m also no fool, I know that the NDP winning an election is very unlikely to happen. I prefer Liberals because they’re closer to my beliefs, they’re no so far left that most people can get behind them. So the Liberals are my second choice, but last night was a pretty good indication that people are not into the Liberals right now. So I guess we’re stuck with these fools for another 4 years. Maybe by then I’ll be like most people and not give a crap about the working poor and social programs that benefit society as a whole, maybe I’ll be into making the rich richer? Not likely, but by then maybe the wounds will have healed. Maybe next time we’ll have our own Obama, it feels foolish to even have hopes that high, but I’m not one for giving up so I’ll just keep on dreaming.

The last thing I’m going to say about this tonight is something I read from one of my friends on their facebook status, I think it pretty much sums up how I’m feeling. I also take solace in knowing that I’m not the only person who is extremely disappointed.

“Canadians are mad because they see jobs going away, they see their standard of living going down, so they take a knife and stab themselves in the eye. I don’t get it.”

And one last thing to cheer you up:

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