Things I would buy if I had money

Why you should love Jonathan Adler

There is a store that is carrying more Jonathan Adler in Winnipeg! Thank you Chi Chi in the exchange district for doing so. I went there after work on Friday because I felt like wandering around and I just about had a heart attack when I saw that they have about 12 or so things by Jonathan Adler. Especially wonderful was the fox ceramic that I looked at for about 15 minutes deciding if I could spend $150 on something as silly as a ceramic fox (I did not, by the way). I work on a tight budget, so there will be no foxes in my future unless I sell some paintings (buy several now). Anyhoo, I did pick up the smallest thing they had of his which is a muse… holder? of some sort? They sometimes come with candles in them, so maybe it’s a candle holder. It doesn’t matter it’s wonderful and looks like this:


If you don’t love Jonathan Adler already take a look at these fair maidens:

This is the fox I was stalking at Chi Chi, only theirs was in black
I will name him Brutus
I love lamp

And lastly, can you imagine working at a place who has puppy parties? This is a photo from Jonathan Adler’s facebook:

My favourite is the Pom named Bellegfangles

Sigh! What a lucky, talented person with sooo many puppies! I like his style!

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