Happy British Wedding Day!!

Congratulations to Willy Billy and Katenstein (we’re super close so I can say such things) on their marriage! What a super fun exciting thing to have happen, and I’m not being sarcastic. I’m not big into weddings because I’m not into people thinking that they’re the most important people in the world and acting like fools, but in this case it’s different. It’s pretty much like every females dream come true happening in real life. Not the Willy is the most amazing dude in the world, nothing like that, just the marrying a prince part. For real, that stuff is just in fairy tales, but deep down we all feel a little joy knowing that it happened for someone. It makes life a little more whimsical I think.

I also happen to be a pretty big fan of the Queen. I think she may be the best female role model going. Can you think of a living lady with as much class, strength and sense of duty as the Queen? I can’t. Also she proves that woman aren’t sissys that can’t do anything. The Queen kicks some serious ass, and she don’t take no shit from no one. She’s awesome, and I’m happy that she’s around to inspire people.

The Queen (me) with 2 Luchadors and a mad scientist

England seems to be great a lot of things considering how tiny it is. There’s lots to love: fun phone booths, big clocks, buses with two floors, ugly talented people on tv, people who can write scripts. I love them. And on that note here is a list of my favourite British people, I’m sorry if I’ve forgotten one of you, you’re all very important to me.

The Queen obviously
That band everyone likes
Becky from Corrie
Matt Berry
Monty Python cast
Petula Clark
Mrs. Slocombe
The rest of the cast from Are you being served?
The Queens army of Corgis
Dr. Garth Marenghi
Eccles from Corrie
Simon Pegg & Nick Frost
Hyacinth Bucket

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