Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a nice Easter this weekend/today!

I went out to Brandon to visit my family for the weekend, we laughed, we played board games, I discovered how to not accomplish anything by playing Angry Birds. All around it was a good time.

I have a couple of fun things to show you:

Paper flower attached to wine glass

Paper flowers hanging from Lighting
Paper flowers in tealight holder
Paper flowers on coffee table

I had a little bit of time before Easter supper and realized we didn’t have anything for a center-piece or anything to make the dinner table/living room special for Easter. I was able to find some coloured paper and made some paper flowers that I scattered on the coffee table, put into some candle holders, and attached to wires and hung from the dining room lighting fixture. It turned out pretty good considering I kind of threw it together not knowing what it was going to turn out like.

I made a little gift for friends & family last week. I bought packets of Chocolate Rocket tea from David’s Tea, then dressed them up in plantable paper covers that I designed and printed on. We tried the tea on Saturday and it was really good!

Lastly, I didn’t do this, but my sister did and I thought it was beautiful. It’s a gift to my mom consisting of a flower pot, and some Lush bath bombs dressed up with some peonies. Pretty much one of the nicest looking gifts I’ve seen and it smelled amazing because of the bath bombs.

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