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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Happy Sunday! Hope you’re able to make it to a monster truck rally. So how was the weekend? Fast? Me too. On the bright side though it was somewhat productive. I was able to get a few little things done with my sister yesterday, such as buying a new flower pot for the front step that I plan on filling with horrendously bright flowers when the time is right (it snowed on Friday) I also picked up my mom’s Birthday present, even though it wasn’t what I wanted to get her, I think she’ll still like it. I also got little presents for my friends and family for easter. I’m planning on turning those into a lil craft, we’ll see if I have time to finish, I usually don’t. I also picked up the stuff for my parent’s Easter basket. Another thing I was able to do is get the materials for some more candles, I’m really excited to get started on those, hopefully soon, but not likely.

It was pretty cold and miserable outside, so at least being busy didn’t mean me missing some nice weather. I probably sound like a broken record to my friends, but holy crap I need some sun so I don’t freak out.

I just submitted my artwork to Smashing Magazine. My computer is ancient, and so are the programs, so it was definitely a struggle since I’m used to newer, larger screened, updated programmed computers, but I did it! I wonder if I’ll get picked. I’m not really sure how it works. At least it was something off my list that had been on there for a while.

On a different note I had a friend take some pictures of the vinyl on the windows for Baked Expectations on Osborne because they’re usually cute, but right now they’re down-right amazing. Take a gander:

Word on the street is a design firm in Winnipeg called Urban Ink designs them.

I’ll be sure to post the Easter presents if I’m able to get my butt in gear enough to get them done. Also any new candles I make and if I have time to get a new painting together that I’ve been thinking about lately.

Toodles for now

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