Another quick post – session 9

So I just sent a friend this:

and thought that I should bring up that fact that the movie session 9 is in my top 5 favourite movies of all time and you should see it. Now be warned I’ve made several people bask in it’s glory and some people are too lousy to realize when something is awesome.

Aaaaaaa creepy chair!!

If you’re one of these people and you’re ready this then I feel sorry for you. I think you should watch it. It will change your mind about mental hospitals, lawyers, hydrotherapy, Scottish people and bbq skewers. And what else… hmm… cell phones? Man what an amazing movie. So the budget is a little low, and all the actors aren’t Gene Hackman, but for what it is, and how it will blow your mind it does it’s job.

Kristen, you're right, this is awesome!

So that’s my advice for today, now off to dye my hair and hope it doesn’t fall out due to home haircolour.

4 thoughts on “Another quick post – session 9”

  1. Maybe its just because we grew up near a mental hospital is why we think this is such a freaky movie. We know how flippin’ scary they are. I know Rodney and I loved that movie.

  2. Yeah, we watched it together awhile back. I’m sure we’ve talked about it, you always talk about David’s epic ‘fuck you’

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