New candles, coming soon!

I just placed an order to replenish my candlemaking supplies and boy howdy am I excited. Some things to look forward to are candles made with soy wax, white tea & ginger scents, french pear scent, ylang ylang essential oil and key line essential oil scents! I’m so excited! I’m also planning on redo-ing the look of Milly Pom, which is also extremely exciting, I guess that makes me boring. Well fine. Anyways hopefully sometime I’ll actually be able to make said candles, when I do I’ll be sure to post them. Start holding your breath, it’s gonna be most excellent!

Here’s a picture of the candles I made last year for an art/craft sale which are sold out!

Yay for candles!

I also have on my current to d0 list some gifts for my family for Easter, which is creeping up slowly and steadily. New business cards due to a new phone number. Completing the smashing magazine wallpaper I started, oh ya, also unpacking 2 rooms full of boxes 😦

Anyhoo, if anything exciting comes up in the mean time I’ll be postin’

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