Winnipeg needs better weathercasters

This morning I picked up the new free newspaper Metro. It was mostly good, there were horoscopes, some celebrity stuff about Courtney Love fighting with Kelly Osborne, and that’s about all I can remember. I DO remember my least favourite weather person being featured in it though. Which got me to thinking, if there were a really cool weather person in Winnipeg it would probably make my day. If I could turn on the tv in the morning and not have to look at someone with a stupid face, ugly shirts, and an annoying voice I would probably be a happier person. Then I started to think that weather people probably just steal the weather from Environment Canada, so anyone could do it, right? Well here’s my idea:


Someone cuddle me


Also this weekend I went and saw the musical HMS Pinafore. It was very good, I was going to post the clip of sideshow bob singing it, but it’s not on the internet anywhere!! So those of you who know how to get videos on the internet I suggest you hop to it!

Au Revoir!

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