Things I would buy if I had money

The wonderful weekend, too bad it’s Sunday

This weekend was the first one so far that REALLY felt like spring. Birds are hanging out singing, everything’s melting and there’s a warmness in the air, it’s been a long time coming. I think it’s finally Spring, knock on wood. This weekend I finally got completely moved out of my apartment and am now in a house with my Boyfriend and our smelly pomeranian Gomez. It’s certainly a relief to be done, it’s stressful to have stuff everywhere and a never ending to-do list. Not to say everything is done, I haven’t even begun to unpack, but least it’s one thing less to do.

On Friday I had the priveledge to go out with my good friend Ryan for some bubble tea and shopping. I know, pretty much the best way to start off a weekend. For starters it was pineapple bubble tea and it was good. While shopping we went to the new Forever21 store, it was kind of how I picture heaven, only there’d be a lot less people in my way. It’s massive, and it was completely full of chicks and disiniterested dudes. I scored these sweet shoes while there:

I don’t know where I’ll wear them, but they were too amazing to pass up. We also went to David’s Tea where I picked up a bag of Pink Flamingo tea and Raspberry Nectar tea.

Raspberry Nectar tea
Pink Flamingo Tea

Saturday we spent moving the remainder of bits and bobs to the house, but at night we had the pleasure of going to see Hobo with a Shotgun

For people who like hobos, shotguns and bears

It was as awesome as it sounds! Definitely worth seeing if you get a chance, it’s only playing at the Polo Park theatre, but I suggest you go.

And lastly I found some really cute things online that I’m especially in love with due to it feeling like Spring! Enjoy!

Shoes from Spring
Earrings from J Crew
Necklace from J Crew
Shirt from Forever21
Essie nailpolish part II
Essie nailpolish
Skirt from Vera Moda
Coat from Vera Moda

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