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Deal of the Week & more!

Hello everyone!

I’m somewhat back. My computer is all set up in the “Library” in the house, which could actually be mistaken for a set for a movie about hoarding. It’s incredible how much stuff one person can accumulate. I always knew I had a lot of stuff, but I’m always cleaning things out and donating stuff that I didn’t think it would be terrible. Then moving happened and BAM everyone’s making fun of how I’m a hoarder (except for my Dad who is telling me not to get rid of things because you have to keep the cool stuff). Maybe I like to buy toothpaste when it’s on sale, ya maybe 13 tubes is too many, but… you know. I’m always going to use it, right? I also have a love of hair products and make up and nail polish and shoes. Sigh. But I love them, and you only live once, right? So… buy lots of things. That’s my new motto? No. Actually my new motto is “Kristen, don’t buy things you don’t need unless you friggin love them” It’s hard, I love shopping. Oh also I love basketball.

Anyways, now what we’re all waiting for: The Deal of the Week

So this week I have a couple of paintings up due to missing out on a few.

The first one is called “Neon Pink Matryoshka” which measures 15.5″ x 19.5″ and is acrylic on canvas. The regular price for this piece is $85, the deal of the week price is $50!

Deal #2 is the very colourful and modern “Purple waves”. Now this one I don’t actually have measurements for, and good luck trying to find it in my pile of belongings, but I am estimating it is 18″ x 24″ -ish. The price is normally $125 and the deal of the week price is $80.

There they are! If you’re interested and need more details please contact me at And as always if you’re interested in looking at more of my paintings please visit my Facebook page, Kristen Lourie’s lovely art & illustration.


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