4 Oscar highlights

I realize I’m no Joan Rivers, but I thought I would share with you my favourite fashion from the Oscars:


Mila Kunis care of Getty Images


She was super awkward while presenting for the oscar category she was giving out, on the bright side her dress looked wonderful and less awkward.


Scarlet Johansson care of Getty Images

She is so friggin pretty I think if she wore a potato sack she would still be a knock-out, she picked a great dress making her somehow even more stunning.



Sharon Stone photo care of AP Photo/Matt Sayles


Sharon Stone looks like a scary, sexy, spooky vampire, and it works. I’m not a big fan of hers, but she looked a-ma-zing.


Cate Blanchett care of Getty Images

And my all time favourite “look”  is Cate Blanchett. She is SO BEAUTIFUL in this dress it’s not even fair. Thanks for raising the beauty bar for the rest of Woman-kind Cate, now we all have to aim for looking half as gorgeous as you. I literally thought I was going to plotz when I saw her, too perfect.


The looks I didn’t like?

Halle Berry looking the same way she always does, we get it.

Gweneth Paltrow in her space suit, points for trying something, though.

Amy Adams, who is such a beauty, wearing an okay dress with a un-matched uncomfortable necklace. Ps- I don’t care if it was something from the movie.

Melissa Leo in a weird gold and lace number that looks like a vegas style mother-of-the-bride dress. (she seemed spunky though, cool to say the f-bomb during the Oscars)

Helena Bonham Carter was wearing something you’d see at comic-con. She acts like she doesn’t care about fashion, but she should care a little bit cause she looks like a maiden-fair, and not in a good way.


2 thoughts on “4 Oscar highlights”

  1. U liked Cate’s dress? I thought it looked like she was wearing some weird victorian frame around her boobs. And could Anne Hathaway have been anymore perky annoying? Yes, you’re adorable we get it? I can’t believe she’s going to be the next catwoman!

    1. I agree about the boob frame comment, but I still think she kicked butt. Soooo pretty and glowing. Ya, Ann hathaway was cute, but too cute and seemed to be faking laughter. Don’t get me started on catwoman. I wish Norm McDonald would host the oscars

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