January & February; the Monday & Tuesday of the year

So it’s easy to find lots of things to complain about this time of year, such as:

-It’s cold

-It’s too windy

-I’m tired of living in constant dark

-There’s sand all over the front entryway

-The sun is too bright

-I’m tired

-The sun isn’t bright enough

-Carrying groceries home sucks

-Why does yoga have to be at such an inconvenient time, I don’t have enough time to go home and I have too much time to kill wandering around

-The golden girls are over right when I get home from work

-My apartment is always a mess

-I’m hungry

-Transferring on the bus takes at least 10 minutes out of your life each time it has to happen

-Espresso Junction is so much better than Starbucks, but there’s only one of them and it’s tucked away in Middle Earth, aka the Forks

Anyways, so I could go on for the entirety of my life, but I’ll save that for retirement. Or tomorrow. Here’s the wonderful news…


I know, it sounds weird. And what do you mix it with? Well anything. I had it on the weekend and I literally can’t stop thinking about how good it was. Next time I have $22 burning a hole in my pocket I am going to buy some. And then the next time I have another $22 burning a hole in my pocket I’m going to buy it’s little buddy, Cotton Candy flavoured.

Check it!

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