Loch Ness: finding answers, ignoring facts

I stole that from a t-shirt I own.

I wanted to show you the painting I made for part of my boyfriend’s valentines gift:

I’m a big fan of the loch ness monster ever since I got a stuffed plaid toy brought back from Scotland from my grandparents. I beileve he was wearing a beret as well. I hope it’s packed away somewhere safe so when Gomez is old enough to not destroy toys he can have it and then pass it down to his babies.

I am also a big fan of yetis, the abominable snowman, and big foot (that one is thanks to Harry and the Hendersons) in case you were wondering.

Also big news, I’m going to Brandon this weekend with my sister and her husband. If the roads aren’t crazy. So that will be fun. We’ll probably watch the movie The Room again since it’s like insulin to me now. I will post my feelings about The Room and Tommy Wiseau in another post.

Until then, have a good weekend my friends!

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