Things I would buy if I had money

West Elm

Everytime I look through Style & Home magazine for the past few months it seems like a lot of the really cool accessories are from a store called West Elm. I was super excited to check it out, when I emailed them about shipping to Canada I got a really confusing answer saying I could order from the store in Toronto, which seems kind of awkward. “Hello, Toronto? I’d like to order some stuff I found on this American website. Oh you don’t have anything in stock because the website is different from the store? You’re an idiot? hey.”

Anyways, I’m thinking maybe this store is going to get a lot of requests due to it’s awesomeness and the fact that every second page of one of two decent interior decorating magazines available in Canada (that I know about) is featuring their items on every second page. So my hopes are that I somehow end up on a plane to Toronto with a bunch of money (impossible) or they figure out a Canadian site to ship from, or hell, open a store in Winnipeg. Maybe it can open in 2013 with the Ikea and the Target. If the world still exists.

Here is some cool stuff I pulled from their website (

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